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It's time for PIAA to stand up and prove its worthy of the athletes and coaches that they represent.

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What does this mean for the upcoming Winter Swim season?

Yes!!! My daughter has had safe swimming and tennis and field hockey experiences. I get the issues with the schools — some simply cannot open in person and some can and some need a hybrid — I support the decisions being made by the individual schools. However, sports (and in-school clubs) are a necessary piece of adolescent development. Sitting inside and staring at screens is neither stimulating nor physically healthy. Make rules. Enforce the rules. Let them play!!

Kristin Grear Schoffler read this

1 month ago


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So they now want two weeks to do what they should’ve done at least two weeks ago- if not a month ago…Where was there any mention of cooperation with state government up until today? This is so poorly done

Do not cave in PIAA. We support fall sports in PA!

Don’t give in to a governor that it trying to strip kids of there sanity

Please hang in there, PIAA!!! These kids can have SOMETHING in their world, even if it has to look differently!!!

Like Wolf is going to change his mind?

Thank you PIAA for not giving up

i hate Wolf

Karen Spencer Wendelschaefer

1 month ago


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“Recommendation” - don’t fall for it PIAA!

BUT he gave the go-ahead for the Phillies and Pirates.

Sherry Seroski Humphrey

This is outrageous already.


Kristin Grear Schoffler read this!

1 month ago


BREAKING: Gov. Wolf says “The guidance from us, the recommendation is that we don’t do any sports until January 1st.”......#developing ... See MoreSee Less

BREAKING: Gov. Wolf says “The guidance from us, the recommendation is that we don’t do any sports until January 1st.”......#developing

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Nothing wrong with swimming. My kid’s been swimming on a team all summer. No COVID, only fast times!

It’s a recommendation.....Hope PA swimming is not listening to This one. It’s simple.....if a parent doesn’t want their kid to compete and feels unsafe. They stay home. My kids been swimming with her club all summer and it’s all been fine.

Interesting as the CDC and USA Swimming have issued (and refined) a totally different story. YES, the CDC is working directly with USS....

It’s bad enough our kids were sent home from States and were not able to compete like the other schools and now you are going to cancel/postpone their season?!?! They have been training all summer and have managed to stay completely healthy while abiding by the guidelines set in place with complete strangers that are swimming in the same pool. Yeah, it’s best to wait until it is peak flu season to start sports! That makes a lot of sense!!!

My heart breaks for these kids, I watched my Senior last year get turned away from states at the peak of his career, I can’t image these kids not being able to swim at all. At least PIAA did the right thing and gave the kids last year their medals and my son was able to get his gold but not the way he wanted it. These kids work so hard and it is going to mentally kill them. I pray for a solution.

This is INSANE. My kid has been training five mornings a week in a safe way. She has also been playing tennis. I get “no football, field hockey or water polo games” but let the kids practice and train!!!

My son is a Senior and he needs to have a season to finish his last year as well as all the other Swimmers across PA 😡😡

Wish they would stop making recommendations and make final decisions. Kids have been swimming all summer. Kids have been playing other team sports for the last few months. Are sports really the issue.

Wonder how many will quickly switch to other states schools like many left the state to go train elsewhere in April/May as other states opened up.

So sad, we feel for all our swimmers

Oh no!

2 months ago


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2 months ago

Mark Rauterkus

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